Landscaping FAQs (6)

How often do I water my new lawn?

Now that your lawn has been planted, watering becomes the most important part of the job. Watering is so important that it can make the difference between success and total failure. Failures further delay the look of a beautiful lawn and translate into even more watering. So the “key” is doing it right the first time.  The most important thing to remember about grass seed is that it must be close to the surface of the soil to germinate (sprout) properly. Therefore, successful germination depends on ample moisture at the soil surface. Soil can dry out very quickly on sunny or windy days.

During the first few weeks of watering, you need to concentrate on keeping the lawn surface moist. This is best accomplished by light, frequent waterings, especially on hot, sunny days. Areas of the lawn in full sun need watered more often than partially shaded areas. Lawn edges and curb areas are very easy to miss. Slopes always dry out faster than level areas.  The best rule of thumb is: “When in doubt – WATER!”

When is the best time to water?

Morning is the best, even if it is just before sunrise. Afternoon waterings are also fine (required some days), even though more water is lost to evaporation. Late evening is the time to avoid watering a lawn if possible. Why? Turfgrass watered in the evening tends to stay wet all night, providing an ideal environment for fungus disease. Young seedlings are especially vulnerable to certain fungi which can wipe out large areas of grass overnight! (Particular caution with evening watering must be exercised during hot and humid weather, i.e. summer nights when it is “muggy”)

What is the cost to hydro seed?

Typically the cost to hydro seed is around 1/2 the price as sod.

Do you warrantee hydro seeded lawns?

Lawns Are Us will warrantee your hydro seeded lawn for the first year as long as the lawn has been properly watered. Our policy has always been to re-seed any areas that have not properly germinated after 45-90 days of the initial seeding.

Does the completed work have a warrantee?

Yes, we warrantee our work. Specific warrantees include:

  • Plants – One year.  Irrigation system must have been installed by Lawns Are Us.
  • Irrigation – Two years.  Lawns Are Us must complete the spring start up and fall winterization
  • Ponds & Waterfalls – Two years.  Lawns Are Us must complete maintenance to ensure proper winterization
  • Paver Patio, Walk & Driveway – Five years.

When is the best time to seed?

The best time to seed any lawn is during the cooler months – spring to early summer or fall when the weather is much cooler. This allows the seed to germinate during the mild climates rather than have to fight the heat and risk the chance of not watering enough during the first stage of the growing process.